Acing Netent slots that have medium RTPs

  • Jan 23, 2021

Players prefer Netent slots that have high RTP slots. However, you can still make small amounts of money if you have medium RTP slot. To understand casino terminology, click

About Netent

Netent or is one of the leading igaming providers in the world. It was launched in the mid-1990s and today, this company is present in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

In 2019, this Sweden-based gambling company acquired Red Tiger for more than 220 GBP. This deal is expected to grow the reach of Netent and make it a more profitable company.

What is RTP?

RTP or Return to Player tells us about the attractiveness of a slot in a casino. High RTP slots are likely to pay more than slots having low RTP over a period.

Example of RTP

A slot has an RTP of 90%. This means it can return $9 to the player after he has bet $1 10 times over a period. The balance $1 goes to the casino.

  • It does not mean the slot will necessarily pay $ 9 to the player
  • Gambling is about chance and skill

House Edge

House Edge is 1-RTP. In the above example,10% if the House Edge. This means that if a slot has a high RTP, it will have low House Edge, and vice versa.

Will I win on high-RTP slots?

Not necessarily. Online gambling is a combination of luck, skill, strategy, patience, and experience. If all the high RTP slots began paying money, casinos will be out of business. soon.

How to ace medium RTP slots?

Slots having RTP in the range of 94-96% are medium RTP slots. These can be aced if you know how to use your welcome bonuses, free spins, bonus codes, etc.

  1. Many Netent casinos offer welcome bonuses to new players
  2. Check T&C's before signing up on those.

You can also win on a moderate RTP slot if you get special features like Randoms, Wilds, Scatters, etc. in your game. Unlock these features to get additional benefits and bonus games.

What is slot volatility?

Some slots are highly volatile and can pay you lots of money quickly. You can lose all your earnings also rapidly here. Highly volatile slots are risky but can be high paying.

Low volatility slots

Slots that help you win small amounts of money regularly have low or moderate volatility. But you need a lot of patience on these slots. Such slots carry low risk.

The relation between volatility and RTP

There is no clear link between slot RTP and its volatility. A slot having low RTP could be highly volatile. Generally, high RTP slots carry very high risks but are liked by many.

Additional tips for acing slots with high RTP

Master your game on a demo mode before laying your first bet. Start with small bets to avoid losses. Read online slot reviews to understand the game. Read game instructions.


Where to find high Netent RTP slots?

The best place is You can also check out websites like that lists all the Netent casinos, their slots, bonuses, payouts, RTPs, etc. Select your slot from there.

Highest Netent RTP slots

Pick one of these and earn big; Mega Joker has the highest RTP at 99%. Others are Jackpot 6000 ( 98.80%), Blood Suckers ( 98%), Kings of Chicago ( 97.8%), and Devil's Delight ( 97.6%).

Mega Joker has been around for the past 6 years. Its Progressive Jackpot pays huge amounts of money to the lucky players. The average payout of this slot is 15,000 Euro.

What does Return to Player have to do with Netent slots?