Netent vs Yggdrasil: Who Wins?

  • Jan 23, 2021

NetEnt and Yggdrasil are front runners in offering innovative and cutting edge casino products to customers such as at . We take a look at the two.

Who is King of Slots?

Both firms have a firm affiliation when it comes to production of innovative and attractive casino products. However, each software developer has its market niche such as at .

NetENt Specialization

NetEnt offers a wide selection of products from casino, bingo, poker, live dealer and land based among many more. But their specialization involves video slots and 3 reel slots.

Yggdrasil Specialization

Yggdrasil specializes in video slots and lotto products in addition to scratch games and mobile casino products. The newbie software developer also recently ventured in lucrative jackpots.

  • Progressive jackpots
  • Video slots


Who Has More Experience?

Despite the newness in terms of the online gambling scene, each firm has its respective experience in the industry. Both firms are shaping the future of online gambling.

Experience plays a big role in ensuring that the casino products meet the tastes and preference of players. The more the experience, the more quality the products.

History of NetEnt

NetEnt was launched in 1996 at a time when online gambling was still a new phenomenon. In 2002, the online casino launched the first mobile casino software for players.

History of Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil is a late bloomer in the industry with its launch in 2013. The firm made a major success especially from its slot that made a huge success.

  • Both firms have slots games
  • Licensed by UKGC

Similarities Between Firms

A common similarity between NetEnt and Yggdrasil is there innovation in slots. Firms have a wide extension of slots. Furthermore, the former CEO of NetEnt hails as the founder.

What About Reel Configuration?

Reels makes up the rid of the slot with which the characters appear. Both firms tend to use five reels for most of their online slots.

Reel Configuration for NetEnt and Yggdrasil

NetEnt has a wide variety of reel configurations ranging from both three reel to five reel configuration. The earlier models make up most of the three reel configuration.

Given the newness with the Yggfrasil model in the market, it is yet to feature a wide variety of reel configuration for the online slots with modern online slots.

What About Presentation?

Presentation is the first thing that a player views before proceeding to play the games. Presentation refers to the alignment and use of characters and symbols within the game.

NetEnt has a unique presentation of their casino games with the use of 3D imaging for their games. The 3D gaming elevates the gaming experience for players.

  • Graphics
  • Themes

Yggdrasil follows suit with the offerings from NetEnt with a series of innovative video slots and 3D slots for their customers. It also uses animated scenes for their games.

What About Wagering Requirements?

A major factor that helps in determining the extent for the choice of a particular game for a player is the bet limits. Stakes influence the payouts available.

NetEnt offers a long line of high limit odds for players with the various video slots available. The software provider offers an overage stake limit of up to 100 euros.

Yggdrasil holds holds on its own when it comes to a series of high rolling odds for players. The highest stake limit by the software developer is 125 euros.

Netent vs Yggdrasil - Battle for Supremacy